Community Of Mutual Aid

Selasa, 29 Desember 2015

money is the object that was passed a country becomes a medium of exchange,
only with the consent of the government of the object could be worth
and can be used as a medium of exchange.
laborers for money

can do anything within the rules to get
money, like we as workers and moneymaker is a banker,
we will forever be enslaved bankers work to earn money,
while bankers are free to print their money to government approval.
bankers used a pyramid system to lend their money. indeed the system
Financial unfair.

more bankers printing money automatically circulation of money
the higher it is. the longer the base price and the price of our needs increasingly rise
it is irreversible, imminent global crisis, inflation is

MMM Global Is Community Of Mutual Aid

together we can change the world financial system unfair
in mmmglobal all could feel the well-being evenly. mmmglobal is
mutual financial community among members,
where Member-menber provide direct financial assistance to one another
Private office with automatic through the Internet
the index development assistance in the form Mavro, help using bitcoin

to be done in very simple mmmglobal
do provide help according to ability to use bitcoin, when the transfer command appears immediately do transfer
not more than 36 hours or your account is blocked, do daily tasks in mmmextra to get 100% per month,
if you need the money to do Get help fit your needs.

mmm rules
1. GLOBAL MMM does not allow multiple accounts.
Each person is only allowed one account. with 1 ip and 1 devices either pc or laptop / tablet.
2. Discipline
Transfer after transfer orders dropped no more than 36 hours

benefit interest bonuses, programs
mmmglobal against the world's financial system unfair
mmmglobal put pressure on inflation
mmmglobal welfare of participants to help each other
mmmglobal bring peace to the participants around the world
mmmglobal give bonuse to referrals and level manager
mmmglobal have mmmextra program to earn 100% per month


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hello world

Kamis, 02 April 2015

Hello world usually the first string that is written when someone learn new programming language. Its mean we try to introduce our self "Hi this is me say my first word to the world". So the same culture I try to apply to this blog. Hello world, this my first post in this new blog.

Finally me and my own domain. It's been a while since I really want to purchase my own domain. I don't want to bother of maintaining if host by myself. So since beginning I decide to use free service instead of self hosting with choice between wordpress or blogger.

Wordpress is nice. I have blog with it almost for 4 years. It has very user friendly interface from editing post, use template and managing files. Main wordpress drawback in my preference is no good possibility to post ads on my own blog. In other side, blogger editing feature is not rich as wordpress. Even currently I don't know how I can upload file to my blogger blog. But blogger is Google giant product. By buying domain I got several more feature, mainly Google Apps account that provide many service that is even I don't think it previously like a lot of user account, email, and other Google service.

There are some advantages of personal domain. Some of those are more encouragement to be more productive in writing post. By owning personal domain indirectly we stated that "I want to be more serious in writing" so hopefully the post will out more regularly. Second, we got more personal branding, by introducing our web e.g as instead of or Third by the second reason, we can also beautify our name card and our curriculum vitae :p.

So this page also will introduce what I will write here. Everything will relate to my self and my personal interest. But I will try to be more professional. So then I will try my best that no outpouring here like my broken heart story or my breakfast menu post. I will make sure every content is more informative and usable. Most of them will relate to my personal interest in computer science, engineering, book, gadget, movie, music, etc. I always believe specialty is good and something that to generic usually shallow so I also try not too to be generalist but to be more focus oriented. Last word, English is not my mother tongue, I hope mistake such wrong vocabulary, miss type and mess up grammar is understandable.